Stolt Sea Farm is working on a new R&D project.

Stolt Sea Farm is working on an R&D project called “Advances in the vaccination of flat fish” (IDI-20160679), co-financed with funds from CDTI and FEDER “A way of making Europe” under the Operational Programme Smart Growth 2014-2020.

The business objective is the prevention of disease in farmed sole and turbot, the period of execution is 01/01/2016 to 30/09/2019 and the project will be carried out Stolt Sea Farm’s farm at La Granja de Couso (Ribeira, A Coruña).

The total budget for the project is €976,474. A partially refundable interest-bearing grant of €510,202.44 and non-refundable grants of 30% of the 52%.

The project has led to collaboration agreements with the following research centres: University of Santiago de Compostela, Ichthyopathology group and Parasite Immunobiology and Medicines Release System group. Centro Tecnológico Gallego de la Acuicultura (CETGA).

The project is being carried out with technical success in an environment of positive collaboration.