At Conxemar, Stolt Sea Farm presents a new international brand which for the first time includes a frozen range.

At the Conxemar trade fair, Stolt Sea Farm presents “King Turbot” a new brand for turbot with a range of fresh and frozen products

Stolt Sea Farm, an internationally recognised multinational and member the Stolt-Nielsen group is launching a new brand for its turbot. From its farms, bathed in the unequalled waters of the Atlantic ocean, using environmentally responsible methods that respect the welfare of its stock, it is now offering the best turbot range in the world, which for the first time includes frozen products.

The company is the largest producer of farmed turbot in the world, with annual sales of 7500 tonnes. It also produces some 850 tonnes per year of sole and is a leader in the farming of White Sturgeon for the production and sale of Sterling Caviar with annual production of 10 tonnes.

The new range, includes value-added products such as goujons and fillets to make it easy to include turbot in the most demanding menus. With these delicious new products, Stolt Sea Farm gives its customers more convenience and saves them time whilst ensuring the highest quality and food safety. 

Stolt Sea Farm follows rigorous quality and environmental procedures to ensure that all of the Company’s operations are environmentally sustainable. The business has recently set up a scholarship with the Culinary Institute of America to support a student to obtain a university degree while gaining knowledge of fish farming, the most sustainable way on the planet of producing animal protein.

Stolt Sea Farm, will launch King Turbot, tomorrow Tuesday 2 October 2018 with a tasting at 1 pm at its Stand G42, at the Conxemar trade fair in Vigo.