VACUPLAN +2 Research Project

Stolt Sea Farm has successfully concluded a research project titled “Biotechnological research in the formulation of vaccines for flatfish” (VACUPLAN +2), in collaboration with the following research centers: Santiago de Compostela University, Ichthyopathology Group and the Parasite Immunobiology and Drug Delivery System Group of the Aquaculture Technology Centre of Galicia (CETGA). The research was a technical success and developed in a very positive collaborative environment.

The project focused on research on animal health and wellbeing in farmed turbot and sole by developing vaccines to protect against disease.

The project was carried from 2/3/2020 to 28/2/2023, at our facilities in Couso (Ribeira, A Coruña).

The project was part-financed by CDTI under the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) 2014-2020.The total budget was €1,041,593, of which €639,746.42 (61.42%) has been given in grant support. Of the total grant, 33% is non-refundable.