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, a company with registered offices in Punta de los Remedios, s/n – 15292 Lira-Carnota (A Coruña-Spain), listed in the Companies Registry of La Coruña in Volume 565 of the Archive, Book 313, Companies Section 3, Sheet 185, Page 3374, with Tax Registration Number A-28682987 (hereinafter, STOLT) is the owner of the website with the address
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Products and Services.

On this website, STOLT SEA FARM, S.A. provides users with free information regarding the products and services offered by the Company, although it does not offer the possibility to purchase the products or contract the services offered. The information contained on the website is purely intended to provide indications, guidance and estimates, and may not considered as binding on the part of STOLT SEA FARM, S.A. in any future contracts.

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On this website, STOLT SEA FARM, S.A., provides users of the same with free information regarding the products and services offered by the Company. All of the designs, trademarks, names, images, logos, graphics, icons, applications and other contents of this website are the property of a STOLT SEA FARM, S.A., or, where applicable, STOLT SEA FARM, S.A. holds a licence for their use, thereby being covered by applicable regulations on intellectual and industrial property. Under no circumstances does accessing the website imply any assignment on the part of

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Users of this website agree to respect the indicated rights and refrain from any type of action that may affect the same. Any unauthorised copying or use of the design or contents of the website that differs from the use expressly permitted by STOLT SEA FARM, S.A., as owner of the intellectual property rights in relation to the same, shall affect its rights and thereby authorise STOLT SEA FARM, S.A. to undertake any civil or criminal actions in protection of its intellectual and industrial property rights.

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Access to the website is free.

Access to specific services contained on the website is subject to users registering by means of the corresponding form. In these cases, the user agrees to correctly safeguard the access details (user name and password) as they are for the exclusive use of the user in question, who shall be fully responsible for their correct safeguarding and use.

Personal data.

Users who freely register on this website or who provide STOLT SEA FARM, S.A. with their personal data by means of the procedures defined on this website, expressly authorise STOLT SEA FARM, S.A. to make use of the same in accordance with the provisions of the “Privacy Policy” of this website, and in accordance at all times with applicable legislation affecting the use of personal data and services of the information society. Users may make use at any time of their rights to access, alter and cancel their personal data as provided for by law, by following the procedure defined for this purpose in the “Privacy Policy”.


This website may contain hyperlinks to other websites that are not edited, controlled, maintained or supervised by STOLT SEA FARM, S.A., and which as a result is not responsible for the contents of the same. Their content is the responsibility of their respective owners, and STOLT SEA FARM, S.A. neither guarantees nor approves these contents. The purpose of the links that appear on this website is purely to inform users of the existence of other sources of information about the corresponding subject on the Internet, where they may find additional details to those contained on this website. Under no circumstances may STOLT SEA FARM, S.A. be considered responsible for the results obtained from these hyperlinks.

Users who wish to provide hyperlinks to this website shall abstain from making any false, imprecise or incorrect declarations with regard to this website or its contents. Under no circumstances shall they state or lead to understand that STOLT SEA FARM, S.A. authorises the link or that it supervises, approves of or assumes in any way the contents or services offered or provided through the page that contains the link to the website. Under no circumstances shall the provision of a hyperlink imply the existence of any type of relationship between STOLT SEA FARM, S.A. and the owner of the website containing the link.

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Promotional material

Pursuant to the provisions of Article 21 of the Law on Services of the Information Society and E-Commerce, by accepting these General Conditions the user expressly authorises STOLT SEA FARM, S.A. to send promotional material or publicity to the e-mail address provided, unless they expressly oppose it by ticking the following box:

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For further information on the treatment of personal details provided by users and undertaken by STOLT SEA FARM, S.A., please consult the “Privacy Policy” of the website.


STOLT SEA FARM, S.A. cannot guarantee that the information contained on its website is fully up to date, accurate and/or available at all times, while making every effort to ensure that it is. Although STOLT SEA FARM, S.A. wishes to provide its users with a continuous service by means of its website, this may be interrupted due to different circumstances. In this case STOLT SEA FARM, S.A. will attempt to minimise the consequences of any such interruption so that its users are affected as little as possible, whenever this is possible, and may not be held liable for any harm caused to users as a result of any interruption in access to this website.

Applicable law and venue

The “Privacy Policy” and this “Legal Notice” for this website, together with the rest of its contents, have been created in strict accordance with applicable legislation, especially Organic Law 15/1999 of 13th December on the Protection of Personal Data, and Law 34/2002 of 11th July on Services of the Information Society and E-Commerce, and may be revised and modified at any time in order to adapt them to any changes in applicable legislation. In this case, the new contents will be applicable from the time the modification is published on the website and available to users of the same.

Use of the website, including access by users and the browsing of its contents, is free, although it implies the express acceptance of and compliance with the “Privacy Policy” and “Legal Notice” applicable to the website and applicable Spanish law.
Furthermore, certain uses of the website will require acceptance of the contractual conditions governing any such use.
Any disputes or controversy arising as a result of the use of the website shall be resolved in accordance with current Spanish legislation, subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of the city of A Coruña.

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